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You have finally reached the right place if you are searching for the best Astrologer consultation. Dr. Ambika has been practicing Astrology and occult science for the past twenty years and is known for her prominent Astrology services in Noida, India.

How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology is the science of how distant celestial bodies—typically stars and planets—affect human existence. In addition to other forms of forecasting, it is believed that a person’s personality, social connections, and financial future are all influenced by the sun, stars, moon, and planets at the moment they were born.
The science of Indian astrology examines how astronomical activities and terrestrial happenings are related. Your monthly or weekly horoscope may involve a job, relationships, and well-being advice among those earthly occurrences.

Offline VS Online Astrology Services in India

Astrology services have been there for generations in India and Astrologers help mankind by offering Lal Kitab remedies as solutions for different problems. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for online consultations in Astrology has surged a lot in India. We at Ambika Tarot offer both online and offline Astro consultations in Noida, India depending on the individual’s requirements.

Services Offered By Our Best Astrologer in Noida, India

Dr. Ambika is the counselor you want to help you with astrology services in India and provide guidance for your life. Be positive now, as no matter what issues in life you are dealing with, our skilled Noida-based Astro counselor will surely be able to give guidance upon such issues.
Do you have a difficult time right now? Despite your best efforts, are you having trouble getting over your obstacles and passing with flying colors? Your planets and stars certainly may not be in the desired locations. There are times when you can’t figure out the source of your problems, and in those circumstances, you must opt for taking Astrology consultation with our prominent Astrologer in Noida, India.

Sort Your Relationship or Life Issues
With a sincere and patient temperament, and as a wonderful listener and empathic person, there is a lot to learn from the celestial wisdom which can guide you with all relationships or life issues.

Bad Luck Removal With the right guidance, you can know your planetary positions and be identified with their locations. Information like birth date, day, and time, is essential for foretelling the future. Improve your plans according to your planetary guidance and you would be able to change your bad luck into good.
  • Financial Issues
  • Court Case
  • Concerns
  • Family Disputes
  • Health Problems etc.
These issues are all taken into consideration when you opt for our expert Astrology services from our Noida-based Astrologer with any such problems in mind.

Relation Between Tarot & Astrology

The six-century relationship between the study of Astrology in India and indeed the storytelling of tarot is undoubtedly strong. Tarotscopes are just the process of interpreting someone’s astrologically oriented horoscope through the tarot card reading. It is accomplished instinctively by selecting tarot cards for a certain zodiac sign. it may also be accomplished by first examining the Astrology of the time phase to create a horoscope for a zodiac sign, and then examining what the associated tarot decks would be.

What makes Dr. Ambika One Of The Best Astrologers In India?

Whether a human being possesses worldly money or mental prosperity, everyone deserves to live a very peaceful and contented life, and individuals who are in desperate necessity of it can seek help from our knowledgeable guru Dr. Ambika. She has expertise in the field of Astrology and over 20 years of experience, she is proficient at assessing the future and analyzing a wide range of factors that influence life. She has established herself as India’s evolutionary online Astrology consultation expert.
“When analyzing a person’s birth chart, you can also employ tarot for a deeper understanding”.
The latter option is most likely the better choice! When the time is not in your favor and everything just seems falling apart, be it wellness, fortune, peace, or progress, you must consult the best Astrologer, who can help you with the right projections by illuminating a difficult path. As the stars and planets, Vastu, and numbers (numerology) play a very pivotal role in your well-being.
You may undoubtedly conquer your challenges and restore your trust in life by believing in the power of Astrology services, Numerology services, Tarot services, and Palm Reading consultations offered by our best Astrologer in Noida, India.

A Brief Of Astro Houses

First House- This house is where you portray who you are and the ways you see the world.
Second House- The house of material possessions, individual income, and capacity for employment.
Third House- It is the house of the mind, conversations, and relationships.
Fourth House- The house of home, property, environmental expenses, and domestic affairs.
Fifth House – The house of pleasurable pursuits, romance, entertainment, and speculative adventures.
Sixth House- It is the house of employment and profession, along with wellness, diseases, and diet.
Seventh House – The house of partnerships, agreements and mergers, business and personal relationships.
Eighth House- This house represents the afterlife, resurrection, bequests, and hereditary wealth.
Ninth House- Long-distance travels, spiritual precepts that promote consciousness, and spiritual practices.
Tenth House – The house of goals, ambitions, achievements, and worldly attainments.
Eleventh House – The house of friendship and other affiliations, which help to advance your objective.
Twelfth House – The house of a blind spot in your makeup that could cause a limitation or unnecessary suffering.
Thirteenth card- This represents the combination of the previous twelve cards.


Astrology’s goal is not to predict what might take place in the future. However, it’s designed to be a solution that enables you to adopt decisions in advance and stay out of life’s trenches.
Indian or Vedic Astrology services are more closely related to the Moon whereas Western Astrology is more closely related to the Sun. Vedic astrology emphasizes on person’s karma, dharma, and personal path in life, whereas Western Astrology seems to be more physiological based. This is another existence of two theories.
To create a birth chart and generate forecasts, birth information such as the day, hour, and location of the birth is necessary. However, Prashna Shastra, Horary Astrology, or Indian astrology, can function without knowledge of birth information. A person’s date and time of birth can also be determined by using a natal chart.
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