Diwali Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac By Prominent Tarot Card Reader Dr. Ambika Tarot

According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali is a festival that is observed in the Kartika month on the thirteenth fortnight. However, the festival takes place in October or November based on the Gregorian calendar.

A Popular Belief

Due to the widely held belief that goddess Lakshmi visits her devotees’ houses on Diwali, devotees offer prayers to the goddess Lakshmi for money and success on Diwali evening. Most people cover Lakshmi’s feet as though she were approaching the home from the threshold as a symbolic act.
Everyone prays to Lakshmi because they want her to live in their houses forever despite the myth that she is transient and doesn’t stay in one spot for very long. It is common to build a small temple inside the home featuring sculptures of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi and afterward offer prayers. It is traditional to first offer prayers to Lord Ganesh hence the idols of both are placed in the makeshift.

Dr. Ambika being the best astrologer in Noida, India shares some advice for improving financial luck and predicting how this year’s Diwali will go for your zodiac.

Here is the Diwali 2022 Horoscope. Let’s glance at it:

Long-delayed returns from business and investments are on the cards. You are gaining money from a foreign source.
Tips- Put water in a glass bowl with 10 copper coins in the northwest corner of your house near the entrance.

Gain with the help of a person of authority and sudden gain from inheritance is foreseen.
Tips- Place a money plant in the northwest corner of the house.
Put clay/ wooden elephants near the entrance ( inside the house)in a position where they are seen as entering the house.

Sudden gain from business/ investment. Money-related anxiety is getting resolved with sudden gains from unexpected sources.
Tips- Place an orange plant in the southeast corner of your house to attract wealth.

A long-delayed project yields returns with the help of a young man in a position of authority. Tips- Place a fish bowl on the northwest corner of your house. Put a water fountain in the northeast corner.

Kudos for good money luck- stuck-up projects give returns, meet bear fruit, and gain from unexpected sources.
Tips- Put a money plant in the northeast corner of your house.

Good possibilities of attracting wealth from new partnerships/ ventures and through foreign contacts
Tips- Place an orange plant in the southwest corner of your house.

An old friend or contact becomes a catalyst in resolving and arriving at a financial settlement.
Tip- Put a water bowl with a metal tortoise in the northeast corner of your house.

Gains from inheritance and government agencies.
Tip- Place a money plant in the southwest corner of your house.

Windfall gains from speculation, lottery, and business. A young colleague gives useful information about the new money-making opportunities.
Tip- Put a fountain in the northwest corner of your house.

Good money returned from rented property and foreign contacts. Loans are being sanctioned.
Tip – Place an orange plant in the southwest corner of your house.

A good return from business and speculation. A wish related to stuck-up money is getting fulfilled.
Tip- Put a glass bowl with ten copper coins at the northeast entrance of the house.

Luck in business, gain from speculation
Tip- Put a metal wind chime in the southwest corner of your house

It is undoubtedly a lovely time to rejoice with your near and dear ones during this festival of lights. Diwali represents joyful and upbeat attitudes. With the help of our best astrologer in Noida, the above-mentioned tips and insights regarding all the zodiac houses, make this Diwali a bright one. We wish you a very happy & prosperous Diwali 2022.

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