Diwali Tarot Readings For Your Zodiac By Prominent Tarot Card Reader Dr. Ambika Tarot

According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali is a festival that is observed in the Kartika month on the thirteenth fortnight. However, the festival takes place in October or November based on the Gregorian calendar. A Popular Belief Due to the widely held belief that goddess Lakshmi visits her devotees’ houses on Diwali, devotees offer prayers …

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seven of swords tarot card

The Seven of Swords

 The Tarot card of the Unfaithful Lover Number – 7  Element – AirPlanet – Moon, UranusZodiac Sign – Aquarius Under a clear yellow sky, the card portrays a man stealthily moving away from some tents in a barren, desert like landscape. Two swords are stuck into the ground upright, at the entrance of the tent. The man …

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The Five of Cups

The Tarot Card of heartbreak & loss Number – 5 Element – Water Planet – Mars, Pluto Zodiac Sign – Scorpio The imagery, symbolism and colors employed in the card conjure up sentiments of heartbreak, despair, loss, pain, sorrow, loneliness, bitterness, abandonment, regret and mourning. A black cloaked figure is in deep mourning and is …

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The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot Card

Major Arcana  –  Card No.6Sun sign  –  GeminiPlanet  –  Mercury Element  –  AirThe Twins, Lovers The Hebrew Letter  –  Zayin The Lovers Tarot card depicts a naked man and woman looking longingly at each other and getting blessed by Archangel Raphael.  The backdrop is brimming with several objects – behind the man is the Tree of flames or the …

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The Power of Tarot

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which unfolds myriad meanings and is packed with a divine life force, the power of which can only be felt and is difficult to capture in words. Tarot has immense power which reveals itself by appealing to your ” higher self”, your ” pure, inner consciousness “. Tarot …

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