The Power of Tarot

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which unfolds myriad meanings and is packed with a divine life force, the power of which can only be felt and is difficult to capture in words.

Tarot has immense power which reveals itself by appealing to your ” higher self”, your ” pure, inner consciousness “.

Tarot is the Oracle which manifests itself through you.You spell out answers by pulling out cards which resonate with answers. An experienced Tarot reader interprets the cards for you and you get precise answers to all your questions, doubts and enigmas.

Tarot taps the power of the ” collective unconscious “and “universal archetypes”- tugs at your subconscious and unravels the mysteries of your subconscious self. You are amazed to know and identify your innermost desires, dreams,fears, doubts, regrets – your hidden self is revealed to you. You also get a glimpse of your latent potential as well as your immediate future and long term future.

Tarot is life and it is much more than life- it has the power to look beyond earthly realms.

To confine the Tarot to an Italian source only is to just feel a fraction of its power- it captures answers from the Torah, Bible, Egyptian mythology and has accumulated meanings spanning several centuries.

It carries symbols from Europe, Egypt, Hebrew scriptures, the holy Bible and each card surprises through its unique energy and life force. Each card narrates several stories and even the initiated keep getting surprises as they unravel new meanings in every reading which they seem to have missed out earlier.

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