How Tarot Card Reading Works

Tarot Card Reading – How Does it Work A Complete Guide


Tarot cards were first used to play games in the 14th century. It however changed in the 18th century when they were put in use for fortune telling, and it was not until the early twentieth century that they became a widespread practice in the United States.

Even as tarot card reading has already become increasingly popular, it wasn’t long ago that they were stigmatised. Tarot cards were almost always portrayed in horror films as frightening or threatening instruments used to summon spirits.
However, a new perspective on tarot card reading has emerged, and far more individuals are using them.

What Is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot decks are a group of 78 special cards that are used as a fortune-telling tool.

Tarot has been used in diverse communities since the ancient world and it is still extensively used all over the world. Each tarot card is distinct in its illustration, the legends it explains, and the significance it embodies.

Many people schedule a tarot reading while they are going through a difficult time in their lives or have a difficulty that they are seeking help for. The primary objective of tarot card reading is for the cards you select to connect with your higher self in the hopes of bringing insight and clarity.

The number of tarot cards contained in a selected deck can vary, and even the images can vary hugely from one creator to the next.

But besides this, the various kinds of cards, their match, and their interpretations are all exactly the same. The major spellcaster consists of twenty-two cards that include multiple philosophies, ideologies, and concepts.

The remaining 56 cards are the relatively insignificant enchantress cards, which are made up of four suits and each represents a different approach to life. These specifically represent people’s difficulties and prosecutions in life.

You have the task of picking one of these cards, and each card has an interpretation and a specific connotation based on its place in a spread.

The number of cards included in a chosen deck can vary, and even the illustrations can differ from one maker to the next.

There are various tarot spreads, and the one used depends largely on the reader and the type of reading being performed. The interpretation will then be reviewed, taking into account the card’s role and the cards around it.

They could be about your current state of affairs, your trials, your career, and your connection with yourself and your surroundings, among other things. They might help you gain some perspective on your life.

How Does The Tarot Card Work?

It is often wrongly assumed that tarot cards can predict your future. However, that is not the case. In other words, the cards are meant to offer insight into various aspects of your life, as well as enlightenment that can assist you in connecting with your true self and knowledge and understanding.

Tarot transports your energy into a specific card, which drives its selection. The interpretation of the cards will reveal some answers that will direct your potential future action steps.

When finding out the mechanics of tarot cards, keep in mind that they are similar to a storybook that helps you visualise your life. Your chosen tarot cards are a mirror of you and to understand and realise the deeper truths contained in each card, it requires thought, real understanding, and perspective.

One should keep in mind that the future is ever-changing and your actions today will have a significant impact on your life and end up changing its direction. Tarot readings, if taken seriously, can serve as a guide and support for decisions that will define your life in the near future.

The only way to find out about your future is to act wisely now. So, in order to get the most accurate reading, you must concentrate your attention on the cards and feel a force pulling you towards a specific card from the deck. Believe in your intuitions and higher energy.

Process – How Is The Tarot Card Reading Done?

Understanding the essence of each card is only the first step. The real power stems from reading the cards to access your own instinct and knowledge, allowing you to begin taking significant steps toward a brighter future.

Take the deck you want to work with (make sure it’s recently cleansed). Tarot readings usually have a simple template from there:

Process of Tarot Card Reading

1. First, you must pose a question from the card deck

It should be straightforward and open-ended. Avoid asking more questions that begin with, for ex. “Will I…” because they risk trapping you in a passive role in your own future.

The goal is to apply the card reading to reveal a direction for the future, so the tarot reader might also ask any questions that are relevant to the situation.

2. Once you’ve decided on a question, it’s time to shuffle

There are several methods for shuffling tarot cards. The overhand shuffle consists of keeping the deck of cards in one hand and moving cards from one side of the deck to the other side.

Another way to shuffle is to ‘cut’ the set of cards by separating them into different stacks and then recombining them.

Alternatively, spread the cards facing down on the desk and brush them into a large, jumbled stack before pushing them back into place.

3. Take out your card (s)

Again, there are several options here. Trying to cut the deck from your left hand and dragging the card on the upper side is a straightforward method. You could also try and hold the set of cards with your left hand and shift it a little, revealing a gap from where you can choose the top card.

Alternatively, you can spread out the cards like in poker and select the card that catches your attention or feels natural in your hand.

4. After selecting your card or cards, place them lying face down in your spread

Then, flip them over so you can look at their sayings, signs, and illustrations, listening attentively to what occurs in your mind as you proceed.

What Kind Of Details Does A Tarot Reader Need For Your Reading?

A tarot card reader needs the question you want to be answered, as well as your name and contact information, to perform the tarot reading wisely and more appropriately.

The benefit of choosing Dr. Ambika as your tarot card reader is that if you are dissatisfied, you can discontinue the services. However, rest be assured your information will still remain confidential and no further questions will be asked to you.

She has been practising the occult sciences for the past twenty years and is known as the best tarot card reader in India. She has gained extensive studies in Astrology, and tarot and suggests easy remedies to assess your life in a better way.

Some tarot card readers only need the client’s name and a picture to perform the reading. The client does not always need to be present in front of the reader. However, some tarot readers like to choose the cards for their clients.

Tarot readings are based on the reader’s willpower and ability to connect with the client. It is also critical to have a good connection with your cards. The flow of the reading is aided by experience. It should be noted that maintaining an open mind is beneficial but not required.

How Can You Use Tarot Card Reader’s Findings In Your Life?

Despite conjuring up images of psychics with crystal balls, the often mysterious world of tarot card reading is commonly viewed as a method for connecting with consciousness rather than prophecy. Giselle La Pompe-Moore, energy healer and Project Ajna founder, describes tarot card reading as “a spiritual private investigator,” providing us with a new perspective on ourselves, our circumstances, and ways to manage them.

It takes a lot of thought and intuition to discover the real meanings hidden in your tarot cards.

By looking closely into your own feelings and ideas, you must take into account the interpretations and implications and find a connection between them and you. You must associate the meanings to your past, daily life, and self in order to comprehend how they could relate.

It is critical not to take your tarot cards’ meanings literally. If you have any questions about a specific reading, you should ask your reader for an explanation. Take cautions and prophecies seriously and use them to your advantage.

How Tarot Card Reading Can Benefit You In Different Areas Of Your Life?

People have a lot of misconceptions about tarot card reading because they believe it tells you about your future or which direction to follow. It can, however, also provide you with the following benefits:

  • Assists you with identifying areas for improvement and making progress on them to achieve perfection.
  • Helps you with concentrating on correcting flaws or problems.
  • Lets you analyse fresh perspectives into your life and aids in making sound decisions.

If you are uncertain about something in your life, tarot card reading can help you decide which path to take.

Tarot card reading can be a useful method for making people see what they otherwise would not see. It takes open-mindedness and a lot of thought to get the most out of this interaction and to grow fully conscious of your position and true self.

Reading tarot cards is something you can do for yourself as well as for others. Celebrity tarot card reader Angie Banicki told INSIDER that “it’s important to read your own cards as well.”

If you are looking for a professional tarot card reader in India to guide you about your career or life, then reach out to us at Ambika Tarot.

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